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Varmint Hunts

Sport shooting at it's most exciting.

Experience brisk winter hunts over high alpine terrain, pursuing the predatory coyote. It is a fact of nature that ranching attracts coyotes, giving you a good opportunity to hunt them.

Due to legal limitations on public lands, it is increasingly difficult to find choice areas for prairie dog hunting. The same conditions that make for successful ranching also encourage the growth of prairie dog towns.

Coyote Hunts

Coyotes have long been the cattleman’s and the sheepman’s bane. Fortunately for the sportsman the geography of our ranch offers optimum shooting opportunities. We use mouth or electronic calling methods depending on hunting and weather conditions. Come experience the visceral thrill of close proximity coyote hunting.

$200 daily. Two gun minimum
*season runs from November 1 through February 1


Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs are plentiful and managed for the shooter in mind. We take in only one shooting party per week which allows us to rest each town to optimize shooting opportunities. We invite you to partake in some of the best prairie dog hunting in the west. Necessary equipment include a recoil pad and plenty of ammunition!

$200 daily. Two gun minimum.
*season runs May 15th – August 15th

Deposits:All hunts require a twenty percent deposit upon booking. Cancellations are required 60 days prior to hunt or the deposit will be forfeited.


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