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Wyoming truly is one of the last open frontiers in the continental US.

High alpine prairie provides ideal conditions for a surprising range of wildlife. Newcomers to this area often look out over the hills and think they are barren. But barrenness here is just an optical illusion. Wildlife is actually everywhere. Some of it is the same sandy color as the hills themselves, making it difficult to spot until your eyes accustom themselves. But like an optical illusion, once you master the trick of it, you cannot miss it!

The hills teem with small birds, deer, antelope, elk, coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs, ferrets, hawks, eagles, sage grouse, badgers, rabbits, moose, wildcats, and more. Several endangered and protected species live in this area, and photographic opportunities present themselves daily. Our ranch has lakes, ponds, wetlands, and over twelve miles of river bottom. It is teeming with shorebirds and waterfowl.

During the winter months the hills are dry. Blond grasses, gray sage, and black greasewood dominate the landscape. But in the late spring and early summer, the hills green up, and wildflowers sprout up in an astonishing array of colors and styles. White, coral, blue, pink, yellow, purple, and red all dot the hills, revealing an array of flowers and deciduous plant life.

Come and wander the hills. Get to know the rough places. Become familiar with the bluffs and chasms, the spring floods, and the winter drifts. Wyoming is a world like no other, and is worth experiencing throughout the changing seasons.

Wildlife Viewing Tours

$200 daily.
Available year-round

Deposits:All tours require a twenty percent deposit upon booking. Cancellations are required 30 days prior to tour or the deposit will be forfeited.




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